TastyTrek has now completed our epic traverse of New Zealand. We walked from Cape Reinga to Bluff in 150 days, finishing on 22nd April 2011. We wish to give a BIG thank you to all our Sponsors, Supporters and everyone who has donated. Although we have finished our walk donations can still be made to both Solar Light for Africa and WaterAid.

Te Araroa Trek
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Hello! Welcome to TastyTrek NZ10

We endeavour to walk the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail, and our website is designed to help you keep tabs on where we are and what we are doing.

Firstly let us tell you a little about who we are! Anders Ford (23) and Landey Patton (23) are recent graduates from Imperial College London with degrees in Materials Science and Geology, and Damienmarc (DM) Ford (19) is taking a gap-year before starting a design course at Brunel (London).

We are walking this trail in order to raise as much money as possible for two very important charities: Solar Light for Africa and WaterAid.

On this website you will be able to find information on:

The Trek

Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) is a recent effort to link the major tramping trails in New Zealand into one long trail spanning the length of both Islands. The trail is approximately 3000km or 1800mi covering the best of New Zealand's coastlines, forests, volcanoes and mountains, rivers and cities. We start in November, 2010 from the Northern-most point on the North Island (Cape Reinga) and hopefully end up at the Bluff in April, 2011.

The Te Ararora trail is set to be officially opened in February 2011 and our team is determined to be one of the first to complete it; the youngest of us, DM, hopefully being the youngest person in the world to finish the trail. Although it is officially opening after our start, the majority of the trail is already complete. We will walk cross-country and/or along roads to pass sections that have not yet been linked.

A vast database of up-to-date information on the various sections and the route in general can be found on the Te Araroa website.

If you want any more information you can always contact us or check out our interactive map and blog.

The Motivation

New Zealand is a destination that we all felt compelled to visit during our lifetime, being drawn to both the landscape and the culture. To finally find ourselves in a position to take a year out from working and studying, this is an opportunity that would be ridiculous to miss!

A walk of this length is a huge challenge and therefore an excellent opportunity for us to help people less fortunate than ourselves. We have decided to raise money for two charities; the Solar Light for Africa mission, a charity dedicated to providing solar cells and basic health care to small African villages, and WaterAid.


This is my first website so if there are any problems with the running of the site please do not hesitate to contact me and/or offer suggestions on how to fix the problem.

I would also like to thank Richard Fletcher, James Isaac, and Anoush Taheri for helping me throughout coding the website.

— Landey Patton