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Please Note: Until we start walking the Blog Feed is both easier to follow and updated more regularly. This is because the Interactive Map requires a marker to be placed, and for fear of making the map unreadable with irrelevant planning posts I have set up another blog...
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Site List

Here is a list of websites and blogs that we like and read when we can;

Walk NZ
Nicky and Cookie
Te Araroa - On Veg
New Zealand Tiki Tour 2009
Steve Cleverdon
One Life Adventures
Mission Live Life
The Big Walk

Darn Tough Stuff
The Travelling Editor
Walking The Amazon
Recipe Rifle
Bergys Travels
The Initiative
Bermuda Brothers Olympic 49er Campaign
Bostin to Austin - 2000 mile run
The Odyssey Expedition
Adrian Hayes
Team on Fire
Wild Backpacker
Alex Hibbert