This section is designed to give details of our preparation which will hopefully be of interest to people who may wish to follow in our footsteps. The planning phase of our trip lasted about 1 year from when we committed to the trip including budgetting, purchasing equipment and finding sponsors.
A quick warning. This page is not going to be as visually stimulating or as exciting as the gallery but hopefully it will be of some interest to you!


Below is a simplified spreadsheet we are using to help us keep track of the distance we've walked each day so that we can make more accurate estimations of the time needed to walk a track or section. Bear in mind distance is in miles and timings are in hours.


By following the budget below we will ensure that we have money to spare once our trip is complete, whilst having enough money to see us through in modest comfort. Cost below is in New Zealand Dollars (just to make things a little more complicated than they already are!) and this is for all three of us, so cost per person should be $3200 (~£1600).
  Money Money/Day
Equipment $800 $5
Accommodation $2400 $15
Food $4000 $25
Travel $800 $5
Other $1600 $10
Total $9600 $60

Here is a spreadsheet of our spending per day for the walking days. Note that the currency is in NZ dollars.
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    Equipment List

    Here is a comprehensive, preliminary list of equipment. We have budgetting roughly around £1000 each to cover equipment costs. Please let us know if we have missed out any essential pieces of kit or if there is anything here that you deem unnecessary.