Get Involved

There are a multitude of ways that you can help us. Whether it be a donation to Solar Light for Africa or WaterAid, contributing equipment for the trip, even financial help as an individual or part of a company. You might even want to keep us company for a section of the trek. If you want to get involved, please read through the options below and if you have any other ingenious ideas, feel free to contact us.

Donate money to Solar Light For Africa and/or WaterAid

There will be a chance to donate from now until the end of the trip in March or April, 2011. We hope to raise a minimum of $4000 for both Solar Light for Africa and WaterAid. For more information on the charities please see the charities page or to make a donation click here for SLA and click here for WaterAid.

Donate equipment, clothing and other gear

If you are an organisation that produces outdoor equipment and wishes to donate anything relevant for the trip. We could either use items that you already have on the market and need promoting or items that are yet to be put on the market, that may need testing out in a climate like New Zealand. In return your company will be promoted both on this website and through various media-ties that we have established. If you wish to discuss anything please contact us.

Alternatively if you are an individual who has spare outdoor equipment lying around that needs to be put to good, hard, use then please do not hesitate to get in contact, we are very appreciative of any help we can get!

Help us start and keep us going

Funding for this trip is being acquired on a personal capacity through summer jobs and strict budgeting, as well as contributions from generous individuals and company sponsorship. Due to the nature of our trip we have placed strict constraints on our expenditure and consequently have lowered the required budget to between £4000 and £5000.

If you are an individual or a company who would simply like to show your financial support towards the purchase of equipment or other expenses related to the Te Araroa trek, please email us or make a small contribution via our paypal account. If you are representing a company, your site will be promoted both through this website and through various media-ties that we have established.

Advertise TastyTrekNZ10

Please feel free to advertise our website by sharing it on Facebook, emailing your friends with a link to or linking it via your website. You can also follow our updates on our Facebook Page and invite your friends to do the same. If you are able to support by offering printing services for promotional materials or the display of promotional materials in your place of work, or if you have any further ideas that will assist with the support of this project please contact us.

Further Information

If you would like more information on how we can publicise your company and what we can offer please send us an email. An indepth project report is currently being finalized and upon completion will be available for download here: pdf file.