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We would like to express our appreciation to our generous Sponsors and Supporters:

Kudos-Global JV Inc

The Kudos Group, based in Dubai and in the Philippines, is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high quality outdoor furniture for the hospitality industry. Additionally, the design, construction and instillation of in-ground swimming pools, jacuzzis and water features. They have agreed to pay for airline flights from London to Auckland for Anders and Damienmarc.

2C Solar Light Cap

To put it simply 2C makes solar powered headlamps integrated into a range of caps. They have spent several years perfecting their design which can now provide 36 hours of light after a 1 day charge. It's a nifty design that has been proven in a variety of applications including long distance trekking. Conveniently it combines two essential pieces of equipment in 135grams cutting down on weight from batteries and bulky flashlights. 2C has offered us each a hat for the trek which we look forward to field testing.


Fozzils make a range of flat pack plastic crockery. Pretty amazing that they make cups that are able to pack down flat and weigh virtually nothing! - perfect for 1800 miles of walking! They are virtually indestructible and on top of that they have a non-stick, easy clean surface!

Lightload towels

Lightload towels are incredible, simply because of their size. These ultra-small, ultra-light towels are super absorbent and can be used for a variety of applications besides drying after a quick wash! They double for firestarters, first-aid crepe bandages, dishtowels, bandanas, scarves etc... Although we've been warned that a single towel might not hold up for 6 months of use, several towels should see us safe and dry at Bluff in April 2011.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek's simple philosophy is design to make travel easier. With this in mind they carry a wide range of travel gear and packing solutions. They have been incredibly generous and have sponsored us with Truist 65ltr packs to walk the trail. We couldn't be happier to put them to the test! Thank you Eagle Creek.


LuxuryLite is a company specializing in, primarily, lightweight sleeping gear. If you want a comfortable nights sleep away from home then you might want to try LuxuryLite's UltraLite Cot however we are all able bodied, young, guys and will pretty much sleep on anything so we aren't taking them. However LuxuryLite also make an incredible down sleeping bag which is lightweight and most importantly allows for a wide temperature range that we are expecting. Thank you LuxuryLite for providing "V" bags for the trip.


We will be taking plenty of photos and videos whilst on the Te Araroa trail and Anders and Damien have trekking poles. Thankfully StickPic makes a nifty little device to connect your camera to your trekking pole. Fantastic. Thank you StickPic for providing Anders and Damien with StickPic's.

"When you're on the trail and want to be in a photo, you generally have two options. Either have somebody take it for you, or take it at arm's length and deal with the inevitable double chin, up-the-nose angle you get. This little device transforms your trekking pole into an extendable arm, allowing you to take perfectly framed self-portraits without your arm or nostrils taking up half the frame." Backpacker.com gear review by: Joel Nyquist

Darn Tough Vermont

The family-run company since 1978 manufactures a range of premium all-weather performance socks that are so comfortable and so durable that they are confident in giving a lifetime guarantee. Vermont's climate has allowed Darn Tough to rigorously test their Hiking, Skiing, Running and Biking socks to create a range that keep your feet dry whatever the weather. They've also managed to stitch with "invisible seams" so no rubbing which helps prevents blisters, how cool is that! With their socks coming in "CoolMax" and "Merino Wool" blends and Mesh, Cushion and Full-Cushion derivatives there is ample choice to meet everyone's feet. We will be taking Full-Cushion Merino, Cushion CoolMax and Cushion MicroCrew socks with us and are incredibly excited to have such an impressive company behind us.

Camping Survival

It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Camping survival have given us some t-shirts and a firepiston.

Knotty Boy

Perhaps you've heard of KnottyBoy, if you have dreadlocks, then the chances are you rely on Knotty Boy to keep your dreads looking and smelling clean and nice. Knotty Boy make a range of dread shampoos and soaps but what you didn't know is that these are universal. Their All Purpose Shampoo Bar can be used like regular soap and is made with all natural ingredients which aren't harmful to the environment making them the perfect cleaning product for our trek. Thanks to Knotty Boy for providing their soaps and accessories for Anders and the tastytrekkers.


Mernio wool outdoor apparel has become the must have clothing on recent expeditions. The benefits of Merino wool are immense and have been particularly applicable to baselayers with its exceptional heat regualtion, wicking qualities and antibacterial properties. As an added bonus, it's super soft so is unbelievably comfortable. Minus33, a New Hampshire based company, has adopted this material to create a clothing range essential to outdoor enthusiasts. We are thrilled that Minus33 is supporting us with baselayers that are so comfortable we may not even take them off!

Tarp Tent

TarpTent is a small Californian company that make, not surprisingly, tents. However TarpTents are no ordinary shelters as they are ultra-light. More so than any other brand that we have found. A 2-person Squall tent weighs in at just under 0.5kgs or 1.1lbs. They have recieved glowing reviews from outdoor magazines and outdoor enthusiasts alike, and have been used on almost all of the worlds long distance trails. Not on the Te Araroa though! We are super excited to be testing 2 old squalls which TarpTent have generously donated. Thank you TarpTent!

Trail Designs

Trail Designs is a cool little company started by three North California backpacking mechanical engineers who hand make light weight camping equipment. They use a modified cokecan burner for liquid fuel (i.e. methelated spirits) with titanium or aluminium windshields the combination of which, with a few extras, can be configured to burn meths, wood or both! By utilizing these simple designs and using durable lightweight materials they have developed an incredibly lightweight cooking system that packs into a 2 quart pot for easy storage. They have given us a 75% discount on a Ti-Tri cooking system complete with an AGG 2qt pot and sidewinder which we thank them for.


Montane, founded in 1992, is a company specializing in lightweight, breathable clothing for mountain climbing, running and biking. They make a range of shells, baselayers, jackets and pants for all climates and have recieved excellent reviews. Montane have offered TastyTrek their pro-deal allowing us 50% off their products which Anders and Damien have graciously accepted purchasing Atomic DT jackets. Thank you Montane!


Interislander is a ferry company operating between Wellington on the North island and Picton on the South. The 92km journey is made 11 times a day by their three boats; Arahura, Aratere, and Kaitaki. These ships offer drive on drive off convience for vehicles but we will just be walking on and off. I guess to make it the whole distance of New Zealand with unbroken footsteps we will have to walk around on deck for the three hour journey! Anyway, Thank you to Interislander for sponsoring our crossing.


Have you heard about Reflexcell™ technology? Blizzard's founder and managing director invented it. It's a super lightweight semi-elastic material with unprecedented thermal insulating properties. Blizzard took this material and manufatured survival blankets which are essential to any mountaineer or outdoors man and to emergency services and the military. In fact Blizzard's products are so good that they won the Royal Marines Arctic Trials and are now incorporated into the British and US Army survival packs. Basically, everyone needs at least one of these blankets to pack with their survival gear, but it's a useful thing to keep in the car as well. They pack down small and are incredibly light making them ideal for us, and they come vacuum packed to take up even less space. We are hoping that we wont have to use them, like all survival gear, but it's nice to know that we have such a dependable piece of kit. Thank you to Blizzard for providing 3 small Blizzard Survival Blankets.

BBH - World traveller accommodation NZ

BBH is New Zealand's largest network of backpacker accommodation for those travelling on a budget with more than 300 hostels located in almost every corner of the country. BBH Accommodation appeals to a wide cross-section of travellers and is no longer the sole domain of the young traveller as older folk enjoy the fact that it costs less than half that of staying in a motel coupled with the ease of mixing with others while enjoying the privacy afforded by Single, Double or Twin rooms - often with their own ensuite bathrooms.

Communal kitchens and laundries keep on-the-road costs low while those on a tiny budget can opt for Share or Dorm room styles.

BBH's guest rating system (BPP%) was unique when established and is now emulated by many online customer feedback systems. To view the results or to order a free copy of the BBH Accommodation Guide go to: www.bbh.co.nz

BBH have been kind enough to sponsor us with free membership to help us cover costs of staying in towns and cities along the trail. We are looking forward to some hot showers in the future! Thanks BBH.


Leatherman is a well established knife and multitool manufacturer and is world famous for it's multitool design incorporating pliers into a pocket knife. In 2007 Leatherman brought out the skeletool - a 'bare essentials' tool which is lighter than the popular Leatherman Wave. It is this tool that we asked for and Leatherman has provided us for our trek. Needless to say we are incredibly excited to have such an amazing company behind us.

Individual Benefactors:

Robert and Catharine Patton
Harriet and Mike Dickerson - Plum Grove Cyclery
Patrick Burr
Matilda Virta
Rick Percival
Damien Ford
Tonii Ford
Susana Delanney
Harriet Johnston
Nora Tanberg
Mark Johnston
Douglas Reeves Jon