These companies, magazines, newspapers and people have helped TastyTrek in some capacity either by making a small donation to Solar Light for Africa or WaterAid, writing or talking about us, or simply just giving us advice. For this we are thankful and I guess this is our way of acknowledging you. Thank you!

Lolstream is an up and coming website aiming to spread pictures and videos that are 'actually funny'. Its developer James Isaac, a mutual friend of Anders and Landey, has given us substantial help with the more complicated aspects of the website and has taught us a great deal.


Felix, the student-run newspaper and main source of news for Imperial College London, will be writing an article about TastyTrek and conducting interviews with Anders and Landey in September, 2010. Additionally Felix has agreed to help publicize TastyTrek by adding a link to their facebook page.

Imperial Collge Union RAG

RAG societies originate from the Victorian era when students would collect rags to give to the poor. In modern times RAG societies frequently use the backronym "Raising And Giving" and the clubs are found in most UK universities. Imperial College Union RAG is the main charitable outlet for the Imperial College Union (ICU) and maintains a campus-wide presence. Anders and Landey have been involved with the club over their 4 years at Imperial and have participated in events such as the famous RAG Raid! RAG has considerable resources that we need both to promote TastyTrek and to develop the charitable aspect of the trip. So we would like to say a big thank you to ICU RAG for helping us.

Welten(t)raum - travel

"Welten(t)raum - travel" is a similar epic journey of Rico Belder and Uwe Jaschke. Their journey is planned to take them on tandem bikes from Dresden, Germany to Nord Cap, Norway via Iceland and back to Dresden via Norway.

Romar Traveler

Romar Traveler is an internet travel magazine publishing on a monthly basis. The magazine places an emphasis on the world's less well traveled destinations and provides a more personal touch. They have published a banner advertising TastyTrek on their Home Page and we will be writing an article for them upon completion of the trek.

CheapOair Travel Blog

CheapOair is an internet site dedicated to selling, as the name suggests, cheap airline tickets. They contacted us to write a guest post for their new Travel Blog.


MyOutdoors is an up and coming website dedicated to providing comprehensive knowledge on hiking and walking in the United Kingdom. Having said this, they take an interest in tramping around the world and have been helping us publicize TastyTrek. MyOutdoors have thought up plenty of ingenius ideas to promote TastyTrek which we are incredibly grateful for. Thank you!

Clemy Walker

Clemy (Anders and Landey's ex-housemate) is an amazing person. She has helped us alot and has gone out of her way on her own initiative. For these reasons, and because we love her, she gets a special mention here. Thank you Clemy!

R. Tucker Thompson

The R. Tucker Thompson is a gaff rigged topsail schooner (a type of Tall ship) based in Opua in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. This Tall ship is unique as it operates as a not-for-profit charitable trust. Over the summer period the ship sails daily generating a tourist based income to balance maintance and berthing costs. However, over the winter months, weeklong trips are organised for less-fortunate children to promote teambuilding and leadership skills whilst giving the children a first-hand insight into life onboard a Tall ship. The R. Tucker Thompson took us out for a sail whilst we were staying in Russell and we are adding our testimonial to the ever growing list of satisfied tourists. If you happen to be travelling in Northland it is well worth the stop, when else will you get to sail on a 85ft schooner in the clear waters around the Bay of Islands?

If you don't believe our words, take a look at our photos or video:

The Bone Art Place

The Bone Art Place (located in Auckland) produces and sells genuine bone, jade, wood and pearl shell pendants, carvings and jewelery from the Pacific and in particular New Zealand. Their art is heavily influenced by Maori culture and symbolism, and is truely exquisit. All their carvings are done by hand and with great care primarily by local New Zealand artists. Unlike some other, more commercial bone artists, The Bone Art Place emphasises its strong connection with the carvings. As well as informing you of the history and significance of the carvings and the symbolic culture they originate from, they provide detailed care instructions along with their unique pieces. It is hard to properly describe or emphasize how amazing these carvings are so please take a look through their online catalog.

The Bone Art Place has been generous enough to supply us with 30 bone carvings to send to our most benevolent charitable donors. After seeing these carvings in person and researching more about the significance and importance of the carving, and the pressures put on the industry through cheap, machine made, bone stamps (which are often ripped off these artists' designs) we were anxious to help. Since then The Bone Art Place has put us on their affilate program so we can forward potential customers through our site. This program allows us to recieve 15% commission on the purchase which we will split between Solar Light for Africa and WaterAid.

We would like to express our thanks to the following people for their help, feedback, and generous donations.

If you would like your name here then please make a small donation to Solar Light for Africa or WaterAid. Alternatively if you have any ideas that can help spread the word or encourage other people to donate please get in contact.

In no particular order:

Richard Fletcher
James Isaac -
Anoush Taheri -
Clemy Walker
Nino Iakobachvili
Caia Dominicus
Harriet Johnston
Robert & Catharine Patton
Barry Cummings -
Slava Shidlovskiy -
Thais Guimaraes - living in the (k)Now
Paul Goodsell - Te Araroa - On Veg
Jordane Chedotal
Rick Percival
John Patton
Patrick Burr
Adrian Hayes -
Jesse & Zander Kirkland - BER 49er Olympic Campaign
Harriet & Mike Dickerson - Plum Grove Cyclery
Corrine & Johno - New Zealand Tiki Tour
Rob Patton
William Jennings
Caitlin Fairfield
Simon Cook & Nicky Gibson - Nicky & Cookie walk the Te Araroa
Bart Dominicus
Gerda Bonten
Matilda Virta
Dymphna Walker
Jason Riley
John Rubin
Krista Carrol-Porcynski
John Rubin
Nora Tanberg
Harriet Johnston
Mark Johnston
Language Line AF Team
Myra Kendal
Adam Hijaz
Bruce Symons
Angela White
Helen, Ricky and Dave Morton
Jane & Jeff Hindle
Abe Witana
Judith Humbert - live.dream.walk - Te Araroa 2010-11
Kawal Banga
Frances Ford
Lauren Ford
Francis, Ettie and friend
David and Maureen Clarkson
Helen Barron
Ross and Miela
Roger and Amanda Jones
Sonny Pere-Epita - Springtides Cafe Whangarei
Robyn and Judith East
Steve and Elaine Goldthorpe - Waipu Wanderers Backpackers Hostel
Murray and Sherrill Glen
Campbell Woollam
The Smilie Family of Waiheke Island
Chris and Natasha Rafferty
The family who stopped on Mill Road and donated $10
Mark and Salwa Smith
Jill, Sarah, Chris and Gemma Sanderson
Marama, Saffron and Louis
Guy Pilkington
Martin Beale
The Biologists at Waihaha Hut
Alice White
Dan Steele - Blue Duck Station
Leontia and John
Cathy and Ray Signal
Andy Dilloway
Phil Lemon
Samoan Guys in Bridge Lodge
Pam in Parawai Lodge
David, Owe and Sasha
Carole Morison
Phil and Gabriel Barber
Marama (again), Dan, Paul, Paul, Celia, Liam
The two sisters on the Queen Charlotte Track
Johanna Schultz
Jane Freeman
Tobias Fries
Christian Favre
Brian (John Tait Hut)
Rivers Cafe Murchison
Simon (gave us a lift to Boyle Village)
Matt (Lake Sumner)
Grant + friend (DoC legend - gave us some useful intel about the Harpers Pass Track)
Scott (gave us a lift to Greymouth in his muscle car!)
Darren Marshall - Exotic Candy Straps
Michael and Elna
Pat O'Kieff
Kate and Andy Chapman
Pam Guthrie
Jill Richardson
Sarah Benzie
Gillian Rancelli
Alli Husband
Toni & everyone at the Men in Early Childhood Education conference - EC-MENz
Ben Van Deursen
Christian Burtscher - Round Hill Lake Tekapo
Adventure before Dementia trampers
Mark Gillespie
Fiona and Adrian Austin
Wanaka Lakeview Holiday Park
John and Cass Watts
Amanda Fernandez
James Bennet
Kristyn Ouimet
Leanne Keefe
Jordan Daley
Flame Bar and Grill Queenstown - Flame
D & B Christie
Skippy & Kiwi
Philipp & Valeska Schaudy - 2 Play on Earth
Sue Stewart
Roger & Jos Morton
Russell Morton
Helen Graves
Arun Rao
Catherine Watts
David Mattock
Steven Mattock
Chris Mattock
John Davenport
Dwayne George
De-Ann & Peter Chan
Saxon Tint
Julia Barrot
Rachel Moody
Amisha Patel